Retina Ready Web DesignThe Parrot's Victory (UPDATING A 174 YEAR-OLD STORY) 

Once there was a parrot who knew only one word:  "victory." Yes,  sir, the days came and went, and on one of those days when our poor parrot was sitting on his perch without a care in the world, a hawk set his eye on him and swept him away through God's air.  The poor green thing clutched in the hawk's claws began to complain,  but he couldn't  say a thing except the one word he knew by heart.  Each peck the hawk gave drew forth a cry of "victory." A peck, a "victory," another peck, another victory. The whole while he was being peaked o pieces, he kept saying "victory."

TODAY,  YOU CAN REPLACE "victory," with "democracy,"  "independence,"  "justice," "sustainable development," "economic growth."

  The role of the parrot can be played by the bureaucrat of your choice.

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